Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bangkok 2014 - Day 1

I highly recommend "Happy Tourist" for 3G in BKK! All you need is to just slot it into your phone's SIM card holder and it will auto set up on its own. Don't have to dial a number or send a text to activate the line! Hassle free 100%!

We had AMEX credit card promotion that entitled us a free night stay at Grand Millennium Sukhumvit. We top up for another night there and it was such a pleasant stay! The staff were all very friendly and its located directly opposite a BTS station which makes traveling around really convenient. We even took the MRT from the airport straight to the hotel, and that saved us quite a bit of money and time from the traffic jams.

It was our first time trying the legendary coconut ice-cream and we love it!
Entrance of Section 2, near Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station
(Suggest to drop off at this station instead of Chatuchak Station)

My kind of heaven - PRETTY PAPER BAGS! SOOO CHEAP!

The number 1 unforgettable food for this trip goes to this!
Section 21/ Soi 28 at Chatuchak Market

10 more bowls of this please!

After You Dessert Cafe - Shibuya Toast
Worth the calories, so delicious!

313 Maha Chai Road, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon
We had problem directing the taxi driver as he hasn't have a clue where is this place. We turned on the Google map and directed him "left, right, straight" all the way till we reached this famous Phad Thai restaurant.

Everyone tells me its the BEST Phad Thai they have eaten. But I guess we had too high expectations so we kind of give it a 7/10? We tried a really good one many years ago, that was really a 9/10 with oysters and street food lingering taste that makes it all so sinful but worth it. But Thipsamai has really good orange juice.... It really soooo refreshing with generous orange pulps that I couldn't resist not buying another bottle!

My trip to Bangkok this time round has really changed our mind about this city. The last time I was in Bangkok was 6 years ago and so much has changed... I used to be all paranoid that someone was going to kidnap me there, taxi drivers that refuse to turn on the meter no matter what, aggressive middle-men that can't wait to pounce on me once I step out of the hotel! This time, it was nothing like that! All the cabs we took had meters, in fact we took their BTS/MRT a lot and it was so convenient! We met really friendly people who reminded us to keep our bags zipped, cars that stopped in a heavy traffic so that we could cross the road, friendly shopkeepers who just makes you want to buy their stuff. I think Bangkok has won my heart for the best short getaway destination, I can't wait to go back already!

Day 2 up soon!

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