Friday, October 3, 2014

6 Months Old

Ah, has it really been half a year since we held this baby for the first time?! Where has all the time flew to! But actually it does sometimes feels like I have been a mother longer than that especially when I go through those growth spurt nights or days that Zoe doesn't want to her nap and fuss the entire day. But looking at these 6 months, there has definitely been more joy and an incredible amount of love at home.

As mentioned in my previous post, Zoe has already started on her solids and she has also been trying to crawl but moving backwards instead as her legs are pushing in the wrong direction, she now smiles at us whenever she sees us, responds to us when we sing lullabies (her fav being head shoulders knees and toes, if you are happy and you know you clap your hands), and has also started to whine a little more when she wants us to carry her.

Sleep pattern wise, its still rather erratic, sigh. Previously she was sleeping really well, she would sleep through the night 4-5 days of the week. But ever since she was 4 months, it went a little haywire which I think it has to do with sleep regression. It was pretty bad initially, she would wake up at 2am and 5am every night when I had to work the next day. Even for the past two weeks, she only slept through 2 times out of the 14 days! But I must say that I am very thankful that after her feed in the middle of the night, she would doze off on her own or she would quietly play by herself in the dark without the need for us to carry her. So basically I just wake up to feed,  leave her in the cot, walk back to my room and goes back to bed. 

Crossing the 6 month mark would also mean that I have been on the breastfeeding journey for that long. I have officially breastfeed my baby to the recommended guidelines by WHO! Hurray! I never thought I would even survive a month or two as my supply wasn't sufficient for Zoe initially, so I am extremely proud of myself for all the hard work and being able to total breastfeed Zoe. All the nights of waking up to latch, to pump, having to google beforehand where are the nursing rooms in the shopping malls, planning creatively to go out so that I wouldn't have to be caught in a situation where I have to nurse in public (which I have done it several times, with a nursing cloth of course), lugging my heavy pumpS around to work (I am using 2x Medela Swing, both hand downs, imagine the weight I carry around), and not forgetting worrying and stressing about not producing enough milk for Zoe. Its been one crazy ride.

Alright I am ending off here, and it wont be appropriate without a picture of this baby who has changed my life upside down. Happy weekends people!

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