Friday, September 26, 2014

Wedding Anniversary III

17th September 2014
Celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary! This year we decided to take the day off, left Zoe at my MIL's place and go on a proper date. We ate this really amazing meesiam and tau hu goreng at Glory Catering, caught our first movie since we stepped into parenthood,and ended off the night with good steak at Morton's which I had beautiful flowers delivered to me and a little black box from my man. All in all, it was good time that day, being able to hold hands while we walk instead of pushing the stroller, taking our time to eat instead of taking turns to gobble down our food.

Anyway, some reviews on Morton's... I like how they customized the menu with a congratulatory message for us, and even took a photo of us at the end and printed it out as a gift. The ambiance was great, lights were really dimmed, candles on the table, and the words on the menu really small; in fact we weren't the only one holding the menu so close to our eyes. But I guess, the darker the place, the more expensive it is, hahaha. We love the mac and cheese and the steak was good, but I still preferred Ruth Chris' as their steak has a stronger butter smell which was so flavorful.

So, after 3 years of marriage, I am still thankful that I married this man. As cliche as it may be, he has seen the very worst of me (for a prolonged period), yet stuck with me and love me even more deeply. And the way he loves me, always shows me a glimpse of God's love for me. Happy anniversary my love, you have my heart forever!

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