Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Day 177 - Hello Food

26 September 2014
Look who has joined the eating world!? We have been prepping for this day for sometime and are absolutely thrilled to finally start her on solids! Though all this time Zoe has been staring at us with interest whenever we eat in front of her, we decided to wait it out as we read that babies are strongly encouraged to only start at 6 months as their gut and digestive system would be more developed by then. She is our first kid, so we wanna follow the book and play it safe.. hahaha.

Prior to this day, we went to research on how to make baby puree, compared the different brands of blenders, tested several times on the blender to see if it works and picked out the high chair from Ikea. And then the day came where we bought a packet of organic carrots for a whopping SGD$7.

As I type this, Zoe is already at day 4 of her solids and she is taking it really well. She gets really excited when she sees the food and starts waving her hands and kicking in the air. We have also started her on water in a sippy cup, and thankfully she loves it too and gets crazily excited at the sight of it.

Will be back to blog a little more on starting baby solids and hopefully my blog will become a little more informative on motherhood!

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