Thursday, June 19, 2014


So, if you followed me on Instagram, you would have read that 3 weeks back I brought Zoe out alone on my own for the very first time. And it was almost a disaster if not for the help of the many kind strangers I met.

It all begin when we bought our lightweight one-hand stroller and I decided to practice on it since its one-hand which means i have the other hand free to carry Zoe when I close the stroller. Normally we would cab when we bring her out, and even when I go to church alone to meet Jiahao there I would also cab and not take the buses or trains. But, I got really ambitious that day and decided to take the public bus to my lunch appointment. Reason being, its just 3 bus stops away and the frequency of the bus is super high, like every 4 minutes. So why cab?

And so, hours before the lunch appointment, I practiced many times at home on opening and closing stroller with one hand and the other while carrying Zoe. Everything was good. But the real deal was far from what I practiced at home.

Here's what went wrong:
1. I did not practice carrying the stroller up the bus with one hand and the other carrying a 5.2kg baby and a bulky almost bursting diaper bag.
2. I did not practice tapping my EZlink card and forgotten that I do not have another hand to tap it. So I ended up asking a stranger to help me with that.
3. Zoe is not a doll, and so she decided to fuss on the bus because I was carrying her in an awkward position as the huge diaper bag was on my lap and my legs were both supporting the stroller hoping it will not fall when the bus makes its turns.

And so my face had S T R E S S all written over it. You can tell that everyone on the bus was looking at me thinking this poor mother is so stupid to take a bus?! And before I even wanted to stand up to alight, a kind man offered to carry my stroller down for me. And once I reached the bottom of the steps of the bus, I tried opening my stroller with one hand like how i practiced, but it failed to open on multiple attempts and a passerby offered to open up the stroller for me. SIGH.

With that ONE bus trip, I told myself that I would cab home later. But........... I took the bus again.

The cab queue was extremely long and I calculated that taking the bus that has 4 mins frequency and 3 bus stops to home would be so much faster. And I had to be home asap because it was near Zoe's feeding time. And same thing happened, I had to ask someone to tap the ezlink card for me, a stranger kindly carried my stroller down and another passer by opened my stroller for me.

By the time I walked away from the bus stop,  I felt like an idiot for taking the bus TWICE. So, anyway I am just thankful for all the kind strangers who helped me and that I managed to make it home with everything intact. Phew. First and last time I am doing this, and I am definitely cabbing if I want to bring the stroller out!


  1. Hi,
    Suggesting a baby carrier like Ergo or Manduca, for when you go out alone.
    It leaves both your hands free (with baby safely strapped in).
    I used to get on public transport a lot with my baby - with the carrier, I don't even have to bring a pram!

    Also, a backpack (instead of a sling diaper bag) might help reduce the bulk.
    I usually stand at the spacious corner on the bus, so baby has a bit more space and hopefully fusses less :)

    1. Hi Clara,

      Yes I have an Ergo but the baby is too small at that time and I had to use an insert which is super warm for the baby. I have not tried practicing on the carrier yet, but am going to start using it soon! ah yes backpack, I like that too but my husband says its too messy as it doesn't have compartments like a diaper bag and I have to take out everything just to take one item from the back pack. Thanks for dropping a comment! :)

  2. The carrier is a life-saver for solo trips! I hope you and Zoe get to experience travelling light over the next few weeks.

    We invested in a Crumpler backpack with multiple compartments and 2 external zips when baby was 4 months old
    2 years on, it's been very well-depreciated carrying our stuff for 2 fiddly toddlers when we go out - plus double straps work for my non-existent slopey shoulders =)

    1. Ohhh, sounds good! I will go check Crumpler out! Thanks!! :)