Friday, June 20, 2014

Bedtime Story

Ever since Zoe started responding to our voices, bedtime story became our favorite time of the day. Every night after her last feed, Jiahao would read a short story to her and she would without fail give her 100% attention to him and smile non stop like its the best story she has ever heard. I will stand by the side, watch her respond, giggle and I too would unknowingly smile throughout the whole story as well. We will then leave the room feeling warm and fuzzy in our heart, which is the perfect ending to any sort of day.

And since we have been reading the same stories again and again to Zoe, I recently bought two more new books for her, or rather for us too. Stepping out of the house is an extremely rare affair for Zoe and I, we are mostly trapped at home in the weekdays as its still quite a challenge to bring Zoe out alone on my own. So imagine my delight when I found out about NoQ store; an e-commerce arm of Times Publishing. It has a library of selection there and the categorization of the books made it easy to navigate the website. Oh, and delivery is free if you order above S$25!

So for my readers, finally there is something I can offer to say a big thank you for faithfully reading my blog! Simply quote my name "Jayme" upon checkout for a 15% NoQ store discount. Discount code is valid till 31st August 2014!

Happy shopping!

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