Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gate of Heaven

Last Saturday, I finally went back to church after a month of confinement. How I miss attending church services, soaking in the presence of God with the congregation. It just feels differnt from watching it online even if its playing on my TV screen via apple TV.

It was an adventurous day as Jiahao had to leave early for work and so I had to bring Zoe alone to church. It was challenging because I had to manage a bulky pram, a heavy diaper bag, my handbag and a baby. So the plan was to practice opening and closing the pram at home for 249303 times, call a cab, put Zoe down on the cab seat, close the pram, load it in the boot, carry Zoe off the seat and off we go. Thankfully, no hiccups and I made it to church in one piece with the baby.

Anyway, it felt really surreal carrying Zoe in church. It was a mother's day service and I sat there thinking how the first time when I came to church I was only 15 years old in my school uniform, and now I am a mother celebrating Mothers' Day. Its probably going to be a service I will never forget, being so touched by how God has blessed me in my life, and giving thanks for everything that has happened.

And, as it was Zoe's first time in church, we also gave a tithe on behalf of her for all the red packets she had received over a month. Our prayer is that she will grow up putting God first and always walk under open heaven all the days of her life :)

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