Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Zoe Anne Xie - The Day

So, if you follow me on Instagram you would know that I was praying that Zoe would not come out that week because my gynae's clinic called us up on Monday morning to inform us that our CTG scan for that day was cancelled as our gynae had to go on 1 week urgent leave. I was already in my Week 38, which means I could pop anytime soon, and with enough things to worry about, I have to then worry that my gynae would not be around if I deliver that week. My whole day was filled with anxiety till I told myself "ok what are the odds that she would pop out so this week when I don't want her to".

And taa daa, 2 days later my water bag broke.

It happened when I woke up to go to the toilet to pee at 445am. I came down from the bed and felt liquid gushing out and my heart missed a beat. As I made my way to the toilet, I told myself "okay don't panic, it could be just my own pee". I went to the toilet and more liquid came gushing out without any control, and then I knew this is no pee, my water bag has broke. AHHHHHHHHHHH. I went out of the toilet, woke Jiahao up and frantically think about what should we do next. We have not went through the possible scenarios of what to do when A or B or C happens, I have not finished packing my hospital bag, and worse of all.... my gynae was not around!

At the point of time, the contractions were very mild, so I took out the ironing board and started ironing my shirts that I want to bring to the hospital, Jiahao started packing his bag and all the electronics and toiletries. After which, I went to take a shower, taking time to shampoo my hair thinking that its probably going to be 20 over days later till I can shampoo them again. Jiahao also went to make breakfast, which I already pre planned what I wanted to eat as my "last meal as a pregnant woman". By the time all is done, it was already almost 7am, the contractions were then about 5-6 mins apart, so we called a cab and made our way to the hospital. And of all days, the cab driver could not differentiate the alphabets "A" and "E" and almost drove us to the wrong hospital. Thank God Jiahao was very sharp when he realized the cab driver had already over shot the destination.

One of the prayers we prayed was that the hospital will not be full and that we can get our desired ward. But....... admitting on 2 April was apparently a full capacity crowd in the delivery suites and labor wards, because the day before - 1st April (1-4-14) was a really really popular date to deliver babies even though its April's Fool Day. (seriously?!). As the delivery suite were still full, I was asked to just lie down on a bed and wait... First thing to check with the nurse - "how long must I wait if I asked for an epidural?" I am no hero, I have long made up my mind that I will take the epidural, because I know I wasn't not going to make it without it. Anyway, the nurse said that it would take about at least 30 mins as they have no in house anesthetist . Okay that's worrying because 30 mins or more is VERY LONG if i am in severe pain.

To cut the long story short, after given some liquid shot into my butt to clear my bowels, the nurse checked my cervix and it was only 2cm dilated. And I must say that the checking of cervix is one nasty check! The thought of it makes me cringe even till now. I mean just imagine someone putting their fingers inside you digging for some gold. OUCHHHHHHHH. And I had to be checked twice like that when I wasn't under the influence of epidural.

So from 730am - 12pm my contractions remained at 5 mins apart, they were too long and to speed things up I got down to walk around the ward. So, Jiahao played worship songs and I prayer walk for 1 whole hour, stopping every 5 mins to clench my fist and endure the contractions. At about 1pm, my back up gynae appeared! He told me to just take the epidural now if I am already planning to take it, and he even told the nurse to give me something light to eat. How comforting to know I can still eat in the midst of labor. So after just a slice of toast and a cup of milo, I was then being given the epidural. It was nerve wrecking because its going to be administered in the spine. So after the epidural was in, I tried to sleep. I didn't want to watch any TV or read anything as I was feeling nauseous and shivering very badly due to the side effects, in fact I vomited about 7-8 times after the delivery. But these were so much bearable than the contractions and what's to come.

In 4 hours time, my dilation sped up to 7-8cm and the gynae said I could then deliver as with the contractions its about 10cm. I was not prepared as I thought I had to wait another 3-4 hours more. So while the nurses prepare for the delivery, the gynae decided that he was going to vacuum the baby out, we weren't sure why he made that decision at the point of time and we didn't question. So when I was asked to push, I gave my all.... thinking about all the pilates' sessions and money I have paid and it had better show its results now... and it really had because I honestly felt my core muscles pushing and with just 4-5 pushes the baby was out! The gynae's first words when the baby was out was "no wonder the heartbeat was dropping, the umbilical cord is around her neck". So I guessed that explained the decision to vacuum Zoe out. We are so thankful for his decisiveness and professionalism. So were there any tears of joy when we saw our baby? Hahaha no! I was too shocked when it all happened! Everything happened too fast! Jiahao then cut her umbilical cord and the gynae then stitched me up as I tried to make sense of what just happened.

So it was a 11 hours labor, and though it sounds long it felt really short. I am just thankful for a healthy baby and of course the wonders of epidural. I cannot imagine the crazy pain a mother go through without it, its hard to put into words! And to also think of how my mum went through 4 deliveries without it, I love her so much more. It still feel really surreal to know that I had went through my greatest fear - labor, and gotten myself the most beautiful baby I had never expected. No wonder the bible says "Children are a gift from the Lord".

I really want to continue blogging about how scared I was to pee and poo after labor, the crazy soreness I get at my coccyx area (even till now)... basically the aftermath of the labor. But I think this entry is long enough! But I do want to say a big thank you to the extremely overwhelming visitations I received for my 3 day hospital stay (so overwhelming that I didn't have time to eat and pee!), and even right up till I am home, and all the many many many many generous gifts! We felt so loved and blessed!

Anyway, I have 1 more wordy post to blog which is actually my postpartum hemorrhage experience on day 6. Something that none of us expected, it was rather dramatic with puddles of blood, ambulance and a minor operation done on me. So... check back again!

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  1. "no wonder the heartbeat was dropping, the umbilical cord is around her neck"

    WAH CLOSE SHAVE WITH DEATH, God snatched her back