Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 36

Alittle backdated, but this was two weeks back. We finally finished all the baby laundry, sorted them out in the wardrobe, arranged the baby cot, and place the sterilizer, milk bottle racks, milk bottles etc out. We are so thankful for God's provision and blessings as well, we have so many hand down clothes that could fit 3 drawers (I only bought 1 set of NB clothes), a brand new pram from my uncle, brand new baby cot from our friends, 4 hand down baby bouncers/ rockers (which we could put 2 at home, and 1 each at our parents' place), 2 hand down breast pump, brand new milk bottles, hand down sterilizer etc... We hardly spend any big amount on any baby products, and we are so thankful that people we know remembers us and willingly pass on their baby stuff that are still relatively new. We felt really blessed.

Besides all these preparations, we have also started planning for the baby shower while we have the time. It's so hard to find a venue as we are trying not to hold it at our house due to space constraint and also mainly because of the massive cleaning up after that, which could really tire us out when we have already have baby to look after. I am working with my sister on the decorations, color theme, dessert table etc... Feels like dejavu, as if we are back to wedding planning but this time a much smaller scale! Excited to do such planning and hopefully all goes well!

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