Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Breathe Pilates - Preggi Bellies (Prenatal Class)

Been wanting to blog about my experience doing pilates while I pregnant, so here goes! When I found out that I was pregnant, one of the goals I had in mind was to still keep fit and do regular exercises that pregnancy allows. There isn't much choices for pregnant women - we can't jog, do insanity workout, or even if I go to the gym, I would be rather cluleless at which equipment I can use. So, Jiahao found a pilates class for me to attend at Breathe Pilates (Novena Branch) and they have a class specially for pregnant women called Preggi Bellies (Prenatal Class).

Each class can take a maximum of 4 pregnant mummies and when I first joined, I was first assessed by the instructor to see if I can keep up with the class or I would need a private lesson. I really enjoyed the 1 hour class, and eventually signed up for a 10 lessons and extended another 5 more lessons that makes up to 15. As you can see from the pictures above (though not much, because most of the pictures were pretty unglam), its mostly about stretching and building muscles. I never knew pregnant women can stretch that much, but knowing that there is an instructor, I felt pretty safe that all these crazy stretching or pushing of the carriage doesn't affect my baby inside. Speaking of instructor, my instructor was Sook Kuen (SK), she's also a mummy so she understands what muscles we need to build to help us have an easier labor and she's really friendly too!

Throughout these 15 lessons, I really built some muscles and there were also some lessons that made me perspire and aching badly the day after! But the aching was in a good healthy way! Really glad that I managed to keep going for the classes every week (unless I was unwell) since my 2nd trimester, and I just ended my last lesson two weeks back and I kind of miss it already. Probably might go sign up for their postnatal class but... lets see if time permits when my baby is out :)

Novena Medical Center
10 Sinaran Drive, #09-33
Singapore 307506
Tel: 9835 5683

Preggi Bellies Course Price (Prenatal)
10 Sessions - $450
5 Sessions - $240

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