Thursday, April 17, 2014

2 Weeks Old

Has it really been 2 weeks? Ever since the arrival of Zoe, I have lost track of day and time. I don't know which day I am living in and only live in a time called - feeding time. Everyday is extremely short for me although I start my day at 630am and sleeps at 1am and wakes up sometime in the middle of that time to express my milk out. Its surprising that I can last an entire day for so long for the past 2 weeks, I guess its true when they say kids change your life. 

Am I tired? I guess mentally I am not, so that sort of keeps me going physically everyday, and it definitely must be God's grace that has sustained me so far. I am trying to get sufficient rest as much as I can, and people tell me to sleep when the baby sleep which I find it really hard to do so. She feeds every 2 hours/3 hours, and in that short time span of her nap I have to sometimes spend awhile to pacify her to sleep, I have to then eat my meals, and spend the rest of the time expressing my milk out and taa daa she wakes up again and the whole cycle repeats.

Anyway I am still drafting my post on my experience in labor, giving myself the most 1 more week to post it before everything gets blurred in the memory and I no longer remember the exciting day.

Have a good long weekend, xoxo
(I didnt know its a long weekend till someone mentioned it to me)

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