Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 35

One of my last few updates before I pop... Week 35 was rather horrible because I have not been eating too well due to feeling bloated all the time and my weight has gone stagnant for 3 weeks. My baby girl now weighs 2.4kg which the gynae said she is still in the healthy range and not to worry. My pubic bone has also started to ache very badly this week due to all the pressure from the baby's head. Well, how bad is the ache? Its so bad that sometimes I can't even walk after sitting down for a period of time and I have to limp all the way, I am walking so slowly now not because the bump is heavy but its causing so much pain when I walk too fast or far, I can't move when I am on the bed so every time I turned during sleep I would be awake due to the pain. Oh and not forgetting getting out of bed to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night is excruciating.

Sleep has also become a problem... Not sure if its pregnancy insomnia or what, but I take really long to fall asleep and after successfully falling asleep I wake up after 2 hours to go to the bathroom. So you can say the maximum hours I sleep is 2 hours at one go and I now make 3 toilet trips every night. And every time I check the clock, you can imagine my dismay when I see that I have 4-5 hours to go before daybreak.

Oh, and I have been getting rather frequent Braxton Hicks, which in layman terms are false labor contractions. There was one night where it was so painful that I woke up from my sleep feeling like someone is squeezing my insides dry. And since I have been getting very much of such contractions, I have been ordered by the doctor to take medicine daily to calm the uterus down. At the rate of these false contractions, I think I probably might just not be able to differentiate the real one when it comes.

Complains aside, we have also set up the baby cot and now the baby's room looks rather alive (finally). We have also bought 90% (I think) of what we need, I mean what the baby needs. Right now I just need to really start packing the hospital bag and rehearse all the possible scenarios if I am going labor either in the day, in the middle of the night, at home, outside, what to eat before I admit into the hospital etc.

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