Monday, March 10, 2014

Feeding the Baby

Just thought of sharing what I take everyday to "feed my baby" so as to make sure that she gets enough nutrients everyday. For supplements, I take folic acid, calcium tablet, fish oil and a all covered vitamins supplement. I have no problem swallowing pills so this has been something that I faithfully take every morning since my first trimester. For prenatal milk, it was quite challenging for me to consume this daily as I don't like the taste of milk since young and it was even more challenging to keep it down when I was feeling nauseous in my first trimester. So I only started drinking this daily every morning from the second half of my second trimester onwards, and had to hold my breath to finish it (even up till now!). I am slowly getting used of the taste, sometimes I think its quite tasty especially the chocolate flavored one. 

I honestly think that the supplements and milk really helped when I don't eat too well or when I am too bloated to take anything. I am assured that my baby still gets the required nutrients for the day and it keeps me happy too to know that I am not starving her or something. I read this somewhere that "eating well is the first gift you can give to your baby", I really agree with this very much so I am thankful that I did not take pregnancy as an excuse to eat excessively or junk crazily whenever I crave for something unhealthy. I am going to keep this "eating well" lifestyle even after I have given birth, and hopefully it helps with the breastfeeding and also to getting back in shape very soon!

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