Monday, March 3, 2014

Chinese Cookout

 Sweet and Sour Pork

 French Beans with Minced Meat and Dried Shrimps

 Tofu, Minced Pork, Mushrooms and Shrimps in Black Bean Sauce

 Shrimp Omelette

Last week, I decided to challenge myself in terms of culinary skills, and cook for my in-laws. As I hardly cooked Chinese, it was quite a challenge for me to whip out 4 dishes and a soup for 5 people. I have been wanting to cook sweet and sour pork for quite some time as it is Jiahao's favorite chinese dish. He orders this whenever we eat "zi char" or from the mixed vegetables stall, so I really wanted to learn to cook this dish for him. Finding a good sweet and sour pork recipe is one thing, understanding and executing the steps is another! I studied this for 2 days and I must say its quite a lot of work for the frying of the pork cubes.

Another of my favorite dish that night has to be the minced pork, tofu, mushroom and shrimps in black bean sauce. I always have love dishes with some sort of black gravy as it goes so well with steamed rice! In fact, i can just eat that dish alone with my rice, its really my kind of comfort food and I am glad that I managed to cook this dish well enough.

In case you are wondering, everything tasted surprisingly good, my in-laws were impressed, and so were I. And... no leftovers at all!

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