Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Akashi Japanese Restaurant

Two Fridays ago, my sister Shixian dated me out for lunch before my gyane appointment at Akashi Japanese Restaurant. It was really sweet of her because we spend a lot of time together and we text on a daily basis about almost everything. So when she text me saying she wanted to spend some time with me before I pop... I was really touched. I really treasure my relationship with her and am so thankful that even after I got married, we got even closer. It's like if Jiahao can't be there during my labor, my sis would be the person I would opt to have in the delivery ward with me.

So anyway, off we went to Akashi and the food did not disappoint! We heard so much about the Cha Soba hence we ordered two different sets - one that came with tempura and another with a selection of nigiri sushi. Lunch sets are at $15 and dinner are at $20, it was really worth going at lunch time! My sis also foot the bill (even more touched because she is jobless at the moment - just graduated!), and she also gave me a gift (is it my birthday?!), so you can say that my love tank was filled to overfilling that day from her. She is definitely a gem from God to me!

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