Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week 30

Week 30 - Experienced water retention on my feet for the first time, but thankfully it only lasted for a day. I must admit that this CNY period, I have been junking a lot on soft drinks, pineapple tarts, ba kwa, hei bi hiam rolls and drinking lesser plain water. After a week of eating all these, I can really feel my body reacting by having a few small pimples on my face and dropping slightly more hair than usual! Oh speaking of hair loss... one of the best things pregnancy hormones has do to me is that I have drastically reduced my hair loss by only dropping a maximum of  ONE STRAND of hair per day, not kidding! When I shower or blow dry my hair, there is nothing on the floor compared to pre pregnancy where i see hair all over! Definitely enjoying my luxurious hair for this period of time, as I read that after the delivery all that hair will be dropping off!

I have also started experiencing shortness of breath as the baby grows bigger and my uterus starts to push upwards shoving my lungs away. It gets worse when I sit too long so I have to get up to stand straight so that my lungs get a little more room to breathe. My tailbone has started to hurt as well, so much so that after a 30mins bus ride I would be having difficulty to walk properly... so I don't think I will be going to catch a movie in a cinema anytime soon as i would be limping out after that.

That's all I can remember for week 30, I am back to eating clean this week and drinking my 1.8litres of water daily, so hopefully the magic will work on my hair, face and feet again!

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