Friday, February 14, 2014

初八 - W472 CNY 2014

This year, instead of the usual CNY steamboat we normally do for the past 6 years, we decided to just take away food which is definitely a lot easier in terms of preparation and cleaning up! I also made my debut loyhei by shredding all the carrots and that huge radish the night before. I never knew it's that hard! I stood for one hour in the kitchen and my hands were all red after that. The taste wasn't as good as my MIL's but I guess practice makes perfect! We also had so much fun that night playing the "TCS" game that got us all roaring with laughter! In fact, we were so loud that Jiahao was afraid that our neighbors were going to come knocking on our door soon, hahaha. May we all fall in love with Jesus everyday in 2014! Love my CG!

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