Friday, February 28, 2014

Housewarming Gifts

 WMF Pots and Pans - Alan Wong & Huimin
White Baby Cot - Alan Chan, Alvin Low and their partners

 Philips Iron - Calynne
Panasonic Microwave - Fengling, Joseph Koh, Karen Keng and Seth

Zojirushi Electric Dispensing Pot - Garvin and Leny
Cornell Waffle Maker - Seowshi, Sandy, Lester and Yan Ming

Counting our blessings as we received these gifts for our new home! Thankful to God for these angelic friends as they sow into our lives, we were really so touched each time when we received something that specifically met our needs! And not forgetting a couple of red packets for our new home and my dad also bought us our TV, my SIL bought us a refrigerator and my MIL bought us the washing machine and a whole lot of other stuff! Thank you Jesus!

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