Friday, February 7, 2014

初二 & 初三

Day 2 of CNY started at Jiahao's godparents' place for lunch. His godma cooked a spread of dishes for all of us and we also spent the rest of the afternoon hosting them at my new place. Afterwhich was then dinner at Jiahao's maternal side and then we rushed off after for a massive close to 40 people gathering at my parents' place that consist of my mum's family and my 3 other sibilings' friends. I got no idea how my parents manage the crowd and cooked all that food to feed so many people!

Day 3, we hosted some dear friends for lunch and had a fruitful time of catching up! We then spent the remaining afternoon preparing for a 10 people steamboat, (my MIL prepared all the food!), it was really heartwarming to have both my in-laws and my family come together in our new place for dinner. We had a good time that night and I am thankful that both families get along well all these years, plus they always remember each other during overseas trip and often exchange food items as well.. thankful! Anyway this dinner was definitely a good end to my CNY weekend! :)

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