Tuesday, February 4, 2014

除夕 & 初一

Chinese New Year is always my favorite time of the year! In fact, I love Chinese New Year more than Christmas! (To the extend that I have actually already checked 2015 CNY dates, hahaha) Its a time where I get to meet everyone I love! A time of feasting after feasting and all those delicious goodies! This year CNY also proves to be extra special as we opened up our place for a few gatherings with our loved ones. As we would not be having house warming, we figured that this is the best time to invite our family and a few groups of friends to come tour our place and have a meal! Had so much fun hosting everyone over the past few days and not to mention tiring too because we only went to bed every night at 2am due to all the cleaning and tidying up after that! Thank you all for your generous gifts for our house too, we are very blessed! Pictures for Day 2 and 3 coming up soon, hope you guys had a wonderful CNY! :)

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