Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 25

Week 25 was actually on the 1st week of January and basically I spent that entire week running errands for the new house and for the record I was at Ikea for 5 days that week to check on some products, get the feel of it, take tonnes of photos to see how it would look like on my camera, placing our orders but realized it was OOS, went back again to make our orders... and all these errands were ran via public transport - buses and trains. No idea how i had the energy to do it with a baby inside me, plus the crowd was crazy in Ikea especially on the weekends and the public holiday.

Some pregnancy updates would be that I have finally experienced what pregnancy hormones does to a woman. For 25 weeks I never suffered any sort of mood swings, I was always "zen", happy, chirpy even when I was tired, sick, vomiting or just tired. But toward the very end of week 25, I started to get annoyed/irritated rather easily and I meant really easily. The only time that I wasn't that annoyed was when I am on my bed playing my smurfs' village, hahaha. I am probably gonna do a post entirely on mood swings because I think it deserve to be recorded down so that when I read back next time, I will laugh and think how ridiculous I was to be annoyed at such silly things. But anyway the mood swings lasted about 5 days and right now I am already back to my zen, happy and chirpy mood. Phew.

Have a happy weekend peeps! xoxo

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