Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Last of 2013

 Everyone had a personalized "Thanksgiving" card to write down 10 things we are thankful for in 2013!

 Wrote a lengthy heartfelt card with a Polaroid to every single one!

 Clockwise: Best Newcomer, Noble Peace Prize, "Count On Me" and Handy Helper award winners!

 Big thank you to Geraldine and Rachael for opening up their house for CG meetings!

 Let the feast begin!

 Love the effort that's on the utensils!

 Award winners walked away with a big jug of sweets and chocolates and a handmade tag!

 They sprung a surprise song item for me! :)
 And I walked home that day with a bunch of flowers and a box full of handwritten love letters from every single one of them. (Love tank filled)

I am thankful that no matter how big or small our love for God may be, it has bonded us into a family. Thank you W472, we may not be the most happening, most rah rah or loud ones around, but I am contented with the love, loyalty and how our differences have all made us a family :) I pray in 2014, our love for God and each other will multiply because where there is love, there is life! :)

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