Monday, January 27, 2014

My Kind of Heaven

The kitchen is probably the place that Jiahao knows he can leave it to me to decide whatever I want and not worry too much about. I have always been looking forward to having my own kitchen since a long long long time back. I think it is kind of like every girl's little space where she has control over the most in the house, like a real size "masa masa" we used to play when we were younger.  I get to store my condiments in pretty jars, know at the back of my head where is everything stored at in the kitchen cabinets, buy my own groceries and spend time in the supermarket reading the labels of the products, think of new things to cook, buy kitchen appliances etc etc. All these are like my favorite things to do!

I started collecting pretty plates and utensils since a year back and when it was time to finally unwrap them that day, it made me go really excited! It felt like Christmas actually. To me plates are important, or should I say presentation of food is important, not for camera sake (though I like to always do that), but it makes the whole meal more appetizing and satisfying? So when I was buying plates and utensils with Jiahao, we spent 2.5 hours choosing them and yes burning a hole in our wallets. But I think its worth it! So.... pretty plates are really my weak point but for realistic purposes Jiahao has capped the budget I can spent per plate, so yea quite a bumper :(

And just the other day, I cooked our first meal in our new kitchen, but forgetting that we have not gotten cooking utensils, so it was quite a sight to flip the salmon with a spoon and chopsticks, and fry an egg by doing the "roti prata" flip. We ended off the dinner with bakerzin cake, coffee and music in the background and it all made us feel like we are in our own little cafe. It was perfect. So I am looking forward to spending more time in the kitchen, whoppee!

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