Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hao Jie's 23rd Birthday

January is always a month of birthday celebrations for my family as my dad, my 2 brothers and sister's birthday all falls in this month alone! We were at Chinatown Food Complex - Yuan Fa Claypot Rice for dinner to celebrate the first member - HJ's birthday. My mum had previously called to order before we made our way down, and it was actually an hour's wait! So thankful that we made that call because we saw many "angry" customers especially tourists demanding why is their orders taking so long to cook. The claypot rice was deliciousssss its really authentic slow cooked with stove and the flavor can be tasted in every mouthful of the rice! No wonder the long wait! 

So anyway, happy birthday to my brother, the best cook in the family! I really think you absorbed all of that cooking genes from us and left us with only a small portion! You always amazed me not just by your cooking but also how you will clean up the kitchen after you cook - mopped, washed every single everything, wiped the stove etc)! Appreciate the times you willingly cook me a meal at any hour of the day/ night and always being so helpful in any matters of the house (queuing hours for bak kwa, fixing the door, buying groceries, going to bus stop to carry heavy stuff for us etc)  Love you very much!!

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