Wednesday, January 1, 2014


2013 was a big contrast compared to 2012. As I end 2013, I was reminded of the Word that God spoke to me about His overflowing blessings in Deuteronomy, after I have walked through the valley, and His word indeed came true for me in 2013. This year was probably the best year (yet) of my life, so here's a short recap of what took place in my life this year!

 1. Promotion in my career
In Feb,  I was approached to be converted to a regular employee with fantastic benefits and a two times pay increment in a year! I have been praying for quite some time for a promotion and this couldn't have come in more timely! Though busy with the current workload but I am enjoying my job very much and very thankful for my boss and colleagues that God has placed in my workplace, I love working with each and everyone of them and I thank God for tremendous grace and favor!

 2. New York
In March, Jiahao and I flew to New York for a holiday and this has got to be the BEST trip of my life. I don't think I ever left my heart behind in any vacation (not even my honeymoon!), but I definitely left a huge piece of my heart back in New York. This place is truly like no other and I will be back!

 3. W472
This year I see many new faces in the cell group and I am thankful for the increase and the easily integrated people who have such sweet and teachable spirit. And I am also thankful for the ones who have stuck with me for as long as 5.5 years and have encouraged me through their love for God. They have taught me to love and made me a better person.

 4. My family and In-Laws
After getting married, family has never been more fun than this. Especially with my family, we have grown so much closer in these 2 years and have bonded so much more than the decades we have stayed under the same roof. We meet up every single week for dinner, laughed, shared, and celebrated every birthday and milestones together. I am so thankful for them!

My in-laws has got to be the most amazing in-laws ever. In these 6 years that I have known them and 2 years of staying with them, they have treated me nothing short of like their own. They are so easy going, soooo much fun to be with, always happy, always laughing, always accepting, They love me, respect me, gives me space, always looks out for my every single big or small need, and I am so so thankful for them. They have got to be the best because I have no idea how much better can any in-laws be.

5. We are expecting!
In August, we received the biggest news in our lives that we are going to be parents! We've always love kids, and we are so thankful that God formed this little one for us. Its still surreal to me and also nerve wrecking sometimes when I think about how our lives are going to be completely change because of the new addition to our family. But there has been definitely so much more joy than worrying so far, we are still as excited as day 1 and we can't wait to see our baby in April!

 6. 2nd Wedding Anniversary
In September, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! It was a simple affair as I was in my first trimester and wasn't feeling that great to have a big feast or go on a holiday. This year Jiahao and I have grown so much closer and stronger together in our marriage, and we have spent tremendous amount of time together this year and falling in love with each other every single day. I have really come to a point that I can't live without him for a day, I am so glad and thankful I married this man.

7. Getting our house keys
We ended our year by getting our house keys! We've been waiting for its completion and we couldn't have end our year any sweeter than to step into our own place and know that we are going to build our family in this place. We have started our renovation and have already completed 90% of it. Right now we are waiting for the delivery of the furniture, electrical appliances and installation of curtains. We have also started shifting some of our stuff in, so hopefully we are more or less settled to host our family and friends during Chinese New Year! Whopppee!

Lastly, thank you readers for reading my blog! And to those who have followed me for years, thank you so much for still reading even though I have been updating this space a lot lesser this year (opps). Blogging has always been part of my life, and I really hope I can squeeze in more time to do more for this blog! So Happy New Year and may 2014 be an awesome one for you!