Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 22

Sorry for the lack of updates... I have been so terribly busy the past weeks! In fact, both Jiahao and I have been so busy with our work, new house renovation, sourcing for furniture, prenatal class etc etc that we are both soooo tired and cannot wait for a good break, which is probably when we finally shift in early next month.

Week 22 had been really horrible because I fell very sick the whole week. I think it was due to lack of rest and I was under the air conditional in full blast (we were testing the air con) in the new house the entire day. I caught a bad flu and cough and I was so sick that I slept two days straight, only waking up to take medicine, eat a meal, shower and back to bed. The downside of falling sick when you are pregnant is that you have to be really careful of the medication you are taking and its really just depending on your body to heal on its own, plus I am constantly worried about the baby when I am coughing my lungs out and not eating well.

After a whole course of medication, I was still really unwell and had to see the doctor a second time and take a second course of medication, but in kids' dosage for a few days. Because of falling ill, I lost my appetite and my weight went downhill for a week and the worst of it all was that the past 4 days I suffered morning sickness, and I puke every single meal that I ate.... it was so random because I didnt even have such morning sickness in my 1st trimester!

May my week 23 be smooth sailing and may God multiply our time and capacity, *cross fingers*

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