Monday, December 30, 2013


Over the last weekend, I met up with many different groups of friends for Christmas catch ups! It almost felt like Chinese New Year with all the lengthy fun and laughter over meals! These are the people whom I have known for almost a decade or more! We were all once in the same stage of our life, studying for exams, worshiping God in the same cell group, serving in the same ministry, going through camps together etc etc. But now we have all progressed differently and in different stages of our lives; planning for wedding, getting engaged, buying our first home, starting out in our career, dating, looking for life partners etc etc... And though we are all busy with our own pursuits, I am thankful we are still making the effort to stay connected in whats app group chats, making time for meals and still being open to share our lives together. Indeed the older the wine the better, and I am thankful for these bunch of "old" friends :)

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