Monday, December 30, 2013

Black x Black

This was taken 2 weeks back in my new oversized sweater that I can probably wear to death because it is super comfortable and its black! Now that my bump has grown quite significantly, its getting harder to purchase clothes online as I have to buy a bigger size for the waist but yet my top body frame is still a size S. I have bought two L size dresses and end up having to sell one and probably chuck the other one aside as its so huge for me at my shoulders but just a little loose at the waist which gives me space to grow bigger. Hopefully I can find something flattering to wear for next month's Chinese New Year, which by the way I would be in my early third trimester by then, gulp.

1 more day till the end of 2013, and I am trying to blog all the Christmas and thanksgiving entries within this week, so do check back here often! :)

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