Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 19

I am sorry that I have not been updating about my pregnancy! I am currently at Week 19 and I can't believe I am at the (almost) midpoint of the entire pregnancy!

As you can see, the bump has grown and I am at the stage where people starts giving up their seats to me on the train ;) I gladly accept their kind gesture but also feel a bit embarrassed when the rest of the commuters stare at my bump.

I have been sharing with some of my friends that I am not having it easy at all in my 2nd trimester, though everyone says its suppose to be the "golden" period of the entire pregnancy. I feel MORE tired than ever and the past 2 weeks I experienced diarrhea and some mild contractions that landed me with medical leaves and lots of rest at home (which I didn't mind as I was so tired).

Work has been pretty busy as well and I factor that as one of the reasons for my tiredness. Everyday I look forward to coming home to just stone on the bed and sleep till the next morning. Plus I am still waking up every night to go to the toilet to pee and sometimes I wake up up twice or even thrice! I told Jiahao that when I hit 3rd trimester, I probably have to sleep in the toilet or wear a diaper!

And.... I just have to rant about one more nasty symptom I get recently, and that is persistent headache. Its been 2 weeks plus and I get headache almost daily and it last as long as an entire day. I am refusing to take pain killers to minimize any harmful effects to the baby, so I just hope it goes away soon or become less frequent!

On a happier note, this week I have also experienced fetal movement! Very slight but exciting to be able to feel the baby punch/kick!

And right till this point, the number 1 question I get every single day when I meet people is.... What's the gender of the baby? The answer is..... we have no clue yet! We are waiting for our detailed scan in 3 weeks time, so I will shed some light then! :) But we have no preference for the gender, what's really important is that the baby is healthy and the baby is growing well in my womb now :)

Alright, thats all for now, be back again! If you have any questions to ask about my pregnancy, you can drop a comment and I will reply! :)


  1. that's a lovely baby bump! i had a miscarriage at week 7, recovering emotionally and physically and waiting upon God in His perfect timing... :)

    1. hello there, oh dear i am so so sorry to hear about your miscarriage :'( I pray that God will send lots of comfort to you and your husband too... and yes i believe in His perfect timing the baby will come! *biggg hugggg to you*