Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Eating Responsibly

I have been wanting to share about how a health talk has changed my way of eating for the longest time and I am glad today I am finally getting this off the list! Its gonna be a wordy post so I am going to break it up to a Q&A style for easier reading!


How bad an eater were you?
I don't really pay much attention to what I eat, I basically just eat whenever I feel like and whatever I like because I have no weight issue (except severely underweight) and no major health concerns. I was an ultra huge fast food and processed food lover and I am especially a super big fan of McDonald's; I eat McDonald's on an average of 3-4 times a week! And I never get tired of it! I soooooo love Mcdonald's that I was truly convinced that if I die and go to heaven, I will be staying next to a McDonald's! hahahaha, serious!. Some other highly unhealthy food that I also love are sausages, nuggets, instant noodles, luncheon meat and I love BBQ parties! They are all my favorite aka comfort food!

What about the health talk?
In the middle of May this year, I attended a health talk by a nutritionist Dr John Lynn who opens a shop at Raffles City basement - Healthy Stars (HS). I was truly truly convicted. It was a 2 hours talk and it was extremely informative about where our food comes from, the spike in cancer cases in the recent years, he breaks down the different components of what processed/fast food are made of and how it damages your body and alot alot more... It was extremely extremely WOW.

What further convicted you about eating healthily?
Having lost 2 of my grandparent and an uncle due to cancer over the past 3 years have also played a part in letting me know how real health issues can take away someone's life so quickly and deadly. I watched how my loved ones lost so much weight, battle with the pain and torment of cancer and lost the fight all in less than a year. It was excruciating and even more so when they all passed away 1 after another consecutively over the years. And after attending this talk, it just dawned upon me that I can prevent health problems by watching my diet and that health problems are not just a "bad luck" or in hokkien a "heng suay" thing.

Photo: Liveloveandmusic.net

What has changed?
I am extremely proud to say that since then, I have not touch McDonald's, luncheon meat, sausages, instant noodles, nuggets, canned food (button mushrooms, Campbell soup etc) for a good 5 months plus! (Huge pat on the back!) I am so determined that I would remove the small cubes of luncheon meat from my CG refreshment fried rice and I now look at BBQ now in a whole new way. This is a huge feat for someone like me who has been eating all these so often for more than a decade or so. I have also cut down tremendously on soft drinks as well (I used to drink soooo much coke and 100 plus) and substitute them with a lot of plain water or fresh fruit juices.

How do you fight the temptations?
I am really glad that "the truth has set me free", especially so that I am now pregnant and its such an important thing to eat healthily so that the baby gets the best of what I feed myself with. The temptations do come especially after a month or two of abstaining all of my favorite food, there were days I thought of macdonalds so badly that I even dream about it a couple of times and even more when my favorite Samurai burger is back!, but I learnt that a temptation last for only 7 minutes, and usually i just fight it and substitute it with something else to fill my stomach and I feel much better after I am full and also to know that I did not just "poison" myself.

To counter late night hunger, instant noodles were usually my best friend, but now I go for a cup of soy milk and some biscuits or if I am really really hungry in the night, I would make cheese toast or sandwich. Its important to stock up your fridge with food that you can eat in the late night without giving yourself the option of opening that instant noodles. Or if not, just go sleep, and stop looking at food pictures on Instagram in the late nights! hahaha

Having good support is also extremely important too. I am glad that Jiahao is in this with me... he has also started being conscious about making healthier choices though he isn't as "uptight" as me about what he eats, but he really do play a crucial role on days that I really want to eat all the junk. Like when I want to eat instant noodles, he would rattle off with how unhealthy it is to me and objects me from eating. Its good to know that I get affirmation in choosing the right thing and walking away from the junk food. In fact, he is really quite strict with my diet! (Will share more!)

What do you eat now?
I definitely make healthier choices in my food now and even when doing grocery shopping, I read their labels carefully before I purchase them. I am not saying that I have attained the highest level of eating super healthily, but I am slowly still making changes bit by bit. I eat out alot, like most people, and I would now be more conscious of my choices and make the best out of I have. For example, I would skip the fried rice (carbs, eggs and bits of char siew) and go for probably a plate of duck rice that has real meat.. or I would choose a bowl of fish noodles over a bowl of ban mian because fish noodles has real fish while ban mian has very little meat in it and its just noodles and soup. Something along this line... :)

Cheat days?
I do have cheat days! I do snack on potato chips but I would buy the smallest packet and share it with Jiahao, but that's probably once a month on an average. I do cheat on burgers but I go for burgers that I know that their patties are made of real minced fresh beef or they are real slices of chicken. I am highly against McDonald's now as I have read so much recently about how they deal with their food like dipping their beef patties into ammonia hydroxide. I cheat on roti prata too! I love roti prata especially dipped in curry!

I guess balance is really the key, I don't want to be too extreme in my diet and become paranoid of what I put in my mouth, or even losing friends to go supper with. To me the key would always be to choose the best out of the choices I have, and hopefully this would go a long way for me and how I would feed my family as well :)


  1. I am one of those bad eaters, cos I eat Mac for supper.. =)

    But I agree with you, eating right is impt.. needs a lot of discipline tho.. best is to have a partner to eat healthy with you, that could be a great motivator.. =p

    1. Ya lots of discipline, I hope I can last! You can start with small little steps first! :)

  2. I attended this talk too and I promise I felt really inspired to make drastic changes to my diet and my household's diets. It lasted all of one month. Now I have to read this to remind myself of how badly I've failed. Perhaps I should start again somewhere. :P

    1. Try again! Start by cutting down on fast food and processed food! You can do it! :)

  3. oooohhh go go go!! and super thank you for this reminder! :)

  4. Awesome that you are eating so healthy for baby! :) Jia you!