Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week 15 (Backdated)

I realized that week 15 marks a really significant week for us and I am going to post this as a backdated entry! (FYI I am at my week 19 now!) 

Week 15 was a week whereby our baby's ear bones are now in place and he/she can hear us! Though Jiahao has been faithfully reading a chapter of the bible every night + confession list + prayer since week 7, and we know the baby probably couldn't hear then, but it has really connected us with the baby together and its a time we both look forward to everyday no matter how late it was. And sometimes even when I have fallen asleep, Jiahao would still carry out the whole routine by himself talking to my tummy/baby, I salute his faithfulness and consistency! And so far, we have finish Proverbs, Acts and half way of Psalm :)

So besides getting all excited about the baby able to hear us, on the Friday of Week 15, I was on my way to CGM and while walking to the cell group place, the Holy Spirit suddenly reminded me that it was also going to be the first time that our baby was going to hear me preach! I was deeply touched... and I pray that our baby will grow up to be a person a lover of God's Word :')

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