Thursday, October 24, 2013


Hello, sorry for my lack of updates here, been really busy these past two weeks with work and its reviews and plus I now have weekly calls (meetings across the world) every wednesday till 9pm. #goobyewednesdayevenings.

Though I have already crossed over to my 2nd trimester, and am now in my late week 15, I have been feeling crazily tired these two weeks. The tiredness gets to my bones and it gets so bad on Monday that I was in tears (I am sure its not the hormones) during dinner because I was really dead tired. I googled on fatigue in 2nd trimester and good news is I am not alone in this, because according to a pregnancy website, the placenta can still be its maturing stage, and hence some pregnant woman do feel tired even in the first two weeks of 2nd trimester. And if its not the placenta, then it will probably be iron deficiency, as I was pretty low blood these two weeks with two near encounters of fainting in public. Will be going for my gynae visit this Satuday, can't wait to get some answers and see the little one through the scan after 3 long weeks! Whoppee!

I will try to blog again soon next week, I have tonnes of backdated entries, ahhh!

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