Monday, October 7, 2013

Baby Bump?

Firstly, thank you all for your congratulatory messages! I have been so overwhelmed by them since the morning I announced! I get so many texts that it was quite impossible to put down my phone at all the whole day! Thank you for sharing our joy, it meant a lot to us to know that so many people are soooo excited for us as we step into this new phase of life :)

And as you can tell from the above picture I took yesterday, I am definitely living in the last days of cropped tops which makes me kind of sad about it. I love cropped tops as they are really easy to match with. And, I have to say goodbye to my close to 10 over pieces of them very soon :( I will really miss wearing them!

So, over last week, I had many people asking me a lot of questions about my pregnancy.... and the number 1 question I get is "Do you have a baby bump yet?"

Well, because of all the eating and the 4kg I gained in just 2-3 months, my stomach isn't as lean as it was. In fact, for the recent mornings when I wake up, i check the mirror to see if there is any bump.. (mornings are the best time to check as there isn't any food inside yet). I think I was quite a pain the past weeks about the whole tummy/bump thing, because having lived with being underweight for my entire life, its really odd to see myself having some sort of obvious flabby fats because I am not suppose to have a tummy yet then!

Jiahao has been really nice about it whenever I get abit too complaining or upset about it, he said something that sort of stayed with me and I thought of sharing it so that I remember it in future... "you are pregnant, and you got to embrace the figure that comes with it". Yes, sometimes I do forget that I am pregnant and there is a life inside me, and I need to eat and not be overly concern about my weight... So, anyway the bump will be more obvious in the coming weeks, and I am quite happy as well because the bump will remind me that I am pregnant and it will no longer be a gauge if I am eating too much! hahaha.

I will share more about my my diet (what I can eat and not eat) in the next entry!


  1. Big congrats!!! Enjoy this interesting (and often sleepless) parenting journey! =D

  2. Congrats!!! So happy to hear another friend embarking on the parenthood journey! =)

  3. Dont worry, we will always embrace u! Whatever Shape! :)

  4. Woohoo! Congrats! :) Bump or no, you look fab. Pregnancy begets you!

    San @