Thursday, August 1, 2013

New York City #10

Cinderella Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery

 Halal Guys - Best Chicken Rice in NYC!

Finally, the last entry of our New York City Holiday! It was such a beautiful day to stroll at Central Park, and taking in the breathtaking skyline across the reservoir. Lunch was at a pizzeria and then we were off to MET (The Metropolitan Museum). After being wowed by yesterday's visit to American Museum of Natural History, MET was rather hmmm boring for us because it featured alot on European history that we had seen during our honeymoon 2 years back. The few fascinating things were probably the knights and the mummies (but they were abit creepy too). We then hopped off to run some last minute errands on the streets and reenact a scene from Matrix where I had to escaped from Agent Smith at the subway. hahaha. Our last dinner was chicken rice (with a twist - lots of mayonnaise!) by the popular pushcart Halal Guys that Michael patiently queued for us, while we used his bathroom to have a quick shower before heading to the airport for our long flight back to SG.

I have to say that New York has won me over completely, and though its been almost 6 months since I am back, there hasn't been a day I haven thought of New York! I told Jiahao that there is really no place like New York, not even my fav European city - Italy can come close! This trip has also been really enjoyable because of the company we had, big thank you to Michael and Sophie for hosting us almost daily and all the fun and also love you have showered on us during our stay there! There is just too much to rave about this city, and I am also extremely thankful for my husband (many hugs and kisses!) for making this trip happen as a Valentine Day gift for me! How mightily blessed! So... hopefully I will see you soon again NY!

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