Friday, July 12, 2013

Under The Sea

I've got my own "TWG" too!

This entry is actually a continuation from the previous... The next day, we went to SEA Aquarium Resort World Sentosa with the Wong family! It was such a fruitful day spending time with them and getting to see our godson Joerl for one whole day! :) I marveled at the underwater creations of God because you can find fishes of all sorts of colors, sizes and features! It's amazing how God created them right to the very detail! As we were there on a Monday afternoon, it wasn't as crowded as the weekend, which I heard you have to queue for at least an hour to get in. Phew. The large aquarium tank at the end of our visit was quite a disappointment, we think that there weren't much fishes in there to fill up the big tank, nor was it very colorful. It wasn't a very captivating for us except that its huge thats all. But overall, its a good place to escape from the weather in Singapore :)

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