Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New York City #8

We took away this Chocolate Souffle from Kyotofu on Day 7, its voted #1 cupcake by New York Magazine. Its so soft yet it breaks into pieces when you bite it, the taste of the chocolate is perfect too! It was so "world class" that we went twice for this cupcake!

 The best waffles i have ever eaten is from this push cart!
Waffles & Dinges - MUST TRY if you are in NYC!

 Our waffles with speculoos sauce, i almost wanted to eat the box, it was that good!

I am finally back to blogging about New York because I miss it so badly! Day 8 is pretty short for us, we wandered around in the SOHO district and then to one of my fav bridges - Brooklyn Bridge. The clever us took the train to Brooklyn side and walked back to Manhattan which is perfect for photo taking as there wasn't a crowd until we hit Manhattan. Once we got off the bridge, we met heaven - Waffles and Dinges, it was soooooooo gooooood that I don't even have any words for it! We then spent the evening doing what we love most - window shopping at supermarket, we spent a good 2 hours exploring the different items that we don't get here in Singapore, the ice cream section probably got us stuck there really long! And I love staying at Times Square, because no matter what time we got back, its always as bustling as it looks in the pictures, definitely a city that never sleeps.

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