Friday, May 10, 2013

Cafe Melba

Finally after 9 months, I met up with my poly girlfriends Bea and Jo, it was so difficult to find a common date to meet up with them! We went for late afternoon meal at Cafe Melba that's tucked away at Mountbatten. Even though its been really long since we met and we don't text that often, there's always so much to talk about when we meet, and we spent 3 hours catching up that day and I know we are probably not done with all that talking. hahaha. The foodie highlight of our meal was when the truffle fries came, they were so crispy that you just can't stop eating them! It was also a pity that there was a private event going on that day and we had to settle for outdoor seating in the sweltering heat. Love the ambiance and the quietness of the place too, definitely a good place for a gathering or a date :)

Cafe Melba
90 Goodman Road,
Goodman Arts Center Blk N #01-56
Singapore 439053

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