Thursday, April 18, 2013

New York City #7

 Perfect tidbit - 4 different munchies in one packet! Super love!

Day 7 - We had a super super delicious and very late lunch at Ippudo, perfect for such a cold weather! I wolfed down the crazily good pork bun and almost licked the bowl of ramen to the very last drop! We then spent the whole afternoon sourcing for more household stuff, and as you can see from the pictures Bed Bath and Beyond is humongous, its 10 times the size of Tampines Ikea (not kidding) and they sell everything! We went to the huge Container Store as well, and you can really find anything you need for your house. We were too full for dinner and hence settled for desserts at Kyotofu at Hell's Kitchen. A really good place for matcha lover, they sell matcha cream brulee! Lighting there was really bad hence I skipped the individual photos for this entry. Ended off the night getting lost in the chocolate world of M&Ms and Hershey's. Definitely a sweet end to our day :)


  1. Hello! Chanced upon your blog when surfing on NY and your pics are so beautiful. Could u share what equipment u'd used to capture your photos for this entry? :)

    Much thanks

    1. Hello Ling, thanks for your compliment! I use a Canon S110 for my photos :)

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