Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New York City #6

The new World Trade Center!

 They engraved all the names of the people who died during the 9-11 attack.

If you look closely, you can see a really faint rainbow!

Totally in love with this plate of Go-Go Curry!!!!

Day 6 was a beautiful sunny day, and a perfect day to go on a river taxi cruise around Manhattan. It was a hop on and hop off river taxi and so we dropped off to see the 9/11 Memorial and did some shopping at Century 21. We then board the river taxi cruise again to see the Brooklyn Bridge and very famous Statue of Liberty, and it was a quite surreal moment to see the lady after seeing her in like umpteen Hollywood movies. We had a really late (like a 4pm) lunch at Go-Go Curry, and I was so won over by just the first bite! Its nothing like what Singapore had previously, and its so good that its ranked in my top 5 must eats in NYC list. We wandered around Times Square and then a dinner date with Michael and Sophie at KyoChon Chicken for their super well-flavored chicken wings! From what I know BonChon is something similar and it is now opened in Singapore's Bugis Plus, you can go try it!

PS: Been really busy at work after I switched roles in my company, I'm gonna try to finish up the remaining 4 NYC entries soon!

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