Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New York City #5

Doesn't this looks familiar? :)

 Doesn't look that appetizing but it tastes good!

They conducts workshop in the store itself!

Personal setup help if you need it

 Lady M - 41 East 78th Street, New York 10075
 A must go if you are in NYC!

Seriously the best green tea cake I've eaten! It is made up of many many layers of crepe!

 Wasn't searching but actually walked past it, squealed like a kid when I was in there

Barneys to feast on all these, died a little and went heaven.

*Heavy post ahead!

Day 5 was still snowing and honestly I was wishing that it would stop already because all my footwear wasn't appropriate for the wet weather and hence my poor feet were soaked in ice cold water whenever we were out walking in the streets, it was just sooooo cold i tell you. We took refuge by spending hours in MoMa (Museum of Modern arts) and I went a little awe struck by the famous Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night and Edvard Munch's The Scream. We were then in and out of shops to try to find appropriate footwear for me which failed very badly because I ended up buying 3 pairs of shoes that were all non water proof. (hahahaha, and one of it being a pair of high heels)

 Apple Store has got to be the most impressive shop I have ever been to. For apple fans like us, we were just so thrilled to see the glass house in real life. I was exceptionally impressed by their "cashier" technology and all that was happening in one store itself. Dope to the max.

Lady M was one of Jiahao's highlight of this trip, we met up with Michael and made a new friend that I so love and can't wait to see in SG again! Their green tea crepe cake is so good that we went back again on our last day in NYC. Spent the evening walking on the streets and going all jelly in Proenza Schouler's one and only retail store at Madison Avenue and then to Barneys just to see that rack of bags, which I actually stood there for a few mins to admire all of them. hahaha.

And lastly, a fantastic end to the day at shake shack. The B E S T burger I've ever eaten. Jiahao said that even LA's in-and-out burger couldn't beat it! And after all that typing, I am already missing NYC badly.

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