Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New York City #4

If you look closely, you can see the tiny snowflakes falling from the sky!

As the night falls, the snow got really heavy!!

Day 4 - We woke up to a snowy day! The last time I saw snow flakes falling from the sky was when I was 8yo and I couldn't remember much, so to see it again was really a pleasant sight! We were off to Woodbury Outlet Mall for major shopping and as you can see, I only took one photo of the interior of the shop because I was too caught up with it! We couldn't finish everything even though we spent the entire day there and we bought so much that Michael had to help us carry our loots back to the car twice!

We ended the day at Chinatown for Chinese food and returned back to our hotel with many many shopping bags and also a heart full of thanksgiving for our friend Michael who so generously love us! Michael, if you are reading this, which I know you will, thank you so much for spending one whole day with us, (though we see u almost daily!) we were sooo touched and blessed to have you around especially more so that day! (you know what we mean.. hahaha)


  1. Arhhh Shing! You made me wanna go US for my next holiday...!

  2. Jerb, yes go go go! I love it sooo much! U will definitely enjoy it!