Saturday, March 23, 2013

New York City #2

Our hop on hop off city sights bus!

The triangular flatiron building which many hollywood movies were filmed here

The famous wall street bull!

I love Jamba Juice!!!

Magnolia has the best blueberry cheesecake, we actually bought this last night and kept it till the afternoon without refrigerating it the whole time, and it still tasted world class. Really amazingggg!

My fav brooklyn bridge!

Day 2 began with a crazily full breakfast that lasted us till dinner time, we then took the open deck bus to tour manhattan, and it was beautiful! We were blessed with amazing weather, with temp of 6 degrees and sunshine (still really cold!). One of the agenda for this trip was also to source out some items for our house, hence we spent a good 4-5 hours at my fav district - flatiron hopping from shop to shop which we then eventually landed at this really really big household store which we spent 3 hours in there with only 1/2 done! We had to go back another day to finish it off! Will post the pic of that shop in another entry! 

And I was still pretty jet lagged on day 2, I was trying so hard to stay awake for dinner, which was macdonalds in the hotel room because I just could not even stay awake to eat while we were on the way back. Jiahao had to take away while I was zzzing in the room. Major KO.

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