Thursday, March 21, 2013

New York City #1

The famous ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center

Hot drink and pastries at Les Bouchon

Our friend Michael highly recommended Totto Ramen which had really long queue! This pic was before the queue started, and people were all squeezing into this box while others had to wait in the cold).We waited for an hour before we were seated!

But Jiahao and I think that Ippudo still fared the best in terms of Ramen, but its worth trying if you are in NYC as this was featured in New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal and New York Times :)

That's michael, who is my ex CG member and also like an elder brother to me! We see him almost everyday during this trip and were greatly taken care of by him! It was sooo fun having him around!

Enchanting lights

Day 1 was a short day for us as we spent the half a day walking around the neighborhood and queuing up for Totto Ramen. By the time the clock striked 9, I was seriously jet lagged to the extend that I could sleep on the streets while walking back. Nevertheless, it was a great start at NYC :)

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