Saturday, March 2, 2013

Boys to Men

My brother HJ enlisted into national service two weeks ago and it was a really proud moment for my family. As my dad is a regular, he is even more proud than any of us that his son is going to serve the nation. We had a really enriching and eye opening tour in Tekong that day, and as I type this my brother had already booked out yesterday night and we had such a good time catching up with him over family dinner :)

This was 2 days before he enlisted. My dad used to shave my brothers hair since they were really young up till they enrolled into secondary school. They weren't "allowed" to keep their hair because its more manageable being "botak" and even for my sis and I we couldn't keep our long hair until we turn 13yo. Every trip to the salon was a really bitter and teary affair for us. hahaha. So anyway, to have my dad shaved my brother's hair after 10 years was really a very nostalgic moment for them.

It was really quite an emotional farewell. And to our surprise, my dad was wiping away his tears while my mum reacted really calmly. And I was teary too, its really surreal seeing my brother enlisting. What a moment for us all to see my brother really all grown up now :')

Happy Weekend peeps!

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