Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Bowl of Sweetness

My MIL (Mother-in-law) has always been an extremely sweet and thoughtful person and there are just countless incidents where I could rave about her. And very often, I would feel the love of God just by all that gestures because they are all very detailed and it all serve a reminder to me that God is always taking care of me; even the slightest needs would not be unnoticed! 

And last night, was one of such that I was so deeply touched. She cooked my favorite noodles for dinner, but I couldn't be back to eat as I had a meeting to attend. Hence I told her to just leave some for me for supper. But instead of leaving some, she cooked a fresh new pot from scratch (soup base, ingredients etc etc) at 10pm and separated the noodles from the soup so that it will be the freshest when I eat it after I am home from my meeting! :')

She brought sweetness to a whole new level and now I know where all Jiahao's thoughtful and sweet genes are from. I am really really thankful for an extremely wonderful MIL, TYJ!

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