Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year is my favorite time of the year! It has always been packed to the brim with fruitful visitations and many loy heis! I love the atmosphere of CNY, it has so much joy and positivity everywhere you go! And also its an excuse to catch up with family, relatives and friends, and I love spending such quality time with all these people! :)

Reunion Dinner
I look forward to reunion dinner very much because my MIL's makes super fantastic steamboat with pig stomach soup as the soup base!

After round 1, we then went over to my parents' place. And what a heartwarming sight to see my family hosting my youngest brother's Korean classmate family and my sister's Hong Kong friend for reunion dinner!

My dad and the Korean mum cutting all the fruits at home for the loy hei as my blur sister thought the NTUC loy hei she bought came with shredded carrots, cucumbers etc... "-_-

Super healthy loy hei with apples, pears, dragon fruit and pomelo!
(And i am so surprised my house has that many fruits... hahaha)

After loy hei, we then rushed off for a midnight movie with our friends!
We absolutely make full use of CNY holidays to catch up with our love ones!

Day #1

With my in-laws :)

Our first stop is to Jiahao's paternal grandma house
Here's a shot with all uncles and aunties :)

Jiahao's paternal male cousins

And my MIL also makes the best loy hei, seriously hands down!!!
The taste is just so right and every thing is so delicious that I can eat 3-4 servings!

We then went over to my aunt's place and met up with my family!

Dinner for CNY first night is always steamboat with the gang and this is our 8th year of gathering!

And after dinner and loy hei, we went to catch another midnight movie with some of them! Whoppee!

Outfit for day #1 - Wearing my first cheongsam from Love Bonito

Day #2
My MIL cooked this dish that made me wiped out two plates!
Chinese "Suan Pan Zi" with homemade "Hay Bi Hiam"!!!

And besides helping me to paint my nails at times, she also plaits my hair....
So thankful for such an awesome MIL!!!

Jiahao's maternal side for loy hei and dinner!
(Before this, we went for another two more visitations too!)

Rushed over to my parents' place where my mum's side gathered too!

After trying the healthy loy hei during reunion dinner, they repeated it again as it was rather delicious :)

Wearing my first floral dress for day #2 :)

Day #3
Visited my secondary school teacher for the 9th year!
We watched his kids all grown up now! :O

Back home for another round of loy hei with my SIL's friends

My husband who is an absolute natural at taking care of the kids at any gatherings

And of course we went to visit our dearest godson Joerl!


Loy hei with my ET leaders friends!

Outfit for day #3 :)

Hope you guys had an awesome CNY!!

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