Friday, December 21, 2012

Sail Away #3

I slept past the breakfast time, went for a quick lunch and hopped onto the little boat that brings us to Malacca!

Daddy's girls :)

This win the pasar malam ones hands down!

My mum leading the 3km walk to this Nonya restaurant! Its 3km walk because she booked the table but did not have the address so we are walking under the hot sun based on her memory, but no complains since she is the queen of the family, hahaha.

Told them I didn't want the chendol, just wanted to try a bite..
but I finished it till the very last drop, hahaha

Too deliciousss!
Restoran Atlantic 1 (Nonya Food)
78, Jalan Portugis (Jalan Kubu), 75050 Melaka
Tel: 06-2830121

The really small pier at Malacca

We came back to the room and saw a towel elephant with my sis's specs, too cute!

Everyday, we get these newsletters mailed to our room to tell us the events happening on board
Can't help but to think that they are "camp schedules", really awesome!

And we all watch the beautiful sunset from our balcony

And after a super heavy nonya cuisine early dinner, we ate again after 2 hours (Whats new?)
This honey glazed chicken thigh is sooo delicious and tender!

And a really touching farewell speech and song sang by the entire crew at "Romeo and Juliet"
They really scored at making us feel all at home on board :)

And my sister's friend Jerrica was coincidentally on board with us these 4D3N too!
Was really fun having her around!

And 5 of us (Me, JH, my youngest bro, sis and Jerrica) went to play the miniature golf at midnight till 2am. I suspect we could have gone all the way till daybreak but it started to drizzle. It was probably the most fun activity on the cruise, we laughed so hard and screamed so loud, hahaha.

And there you go, our family trip on a cruise! It was a super quality time spent, and i treasure it alot! I look forward to the next one! (Hopefully not after a decade!) 

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